Communication and I, Or should I have used “me”?

BMS3016 2013-2014

Away from any high-school/university students’ (generally) need for writing/typing, from everyday texting, e-mails, status updates and assignments, I don’t know a lot of people who “write”, as in creative writing, whether it be music to a novel. I, on the other hand, was always interested in creative writing, as I write stories, music and short novels.

Away from the writing, I have been always interested in “vocal” communication. Accordingly, I pursued public speaking and debating. As I got more and more into debating especially, I found a fondness in sharing my views, opinions and knowledge with people (away from the social communication methods/ Facebook).

Being six feet deep in a scientific course, I had little chances/time to write and express my “side of the story”. The moment I saw science communication enlisted in my module options, I didn’t hesitate a second to pick it. “Why??” … well, because I missed…

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My savior

BMS3016 2013-2014

“So what subjects did you pick for IB?” Although a big number of my friends/peers have been researching thoroughly about what subjects they should choose for the international baccalaureate, I wasn’t really bothered with that question, I had a simple plan, choose the “easy” material and excel  in those (Basically avoid the science and the math à non-STEM education).

When the choices submission date was due, My IB coordinator requested a private meeting. In the mentioned meeting, he explained to me how he was disappointed/doubtful of my choices, he also mentioned that my grades in the Bio-sciences were of great success and that I should pursue a scientific route and that I had the potential for it. Being as stubborn as I am I didn’t follow through so he suggested I attend science classes, just to see how it is and my reply was “Why not??”

Days go through and…

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Living in Space?? I’d think again

BMS3016 2013-2014

As a kid, the first time I heard of space totally blew my mind and fascinated me, and growing up I always had this dream about living/being in space. When I grew older in pursuit of that dream I had to research about it and gain some knowledge. After hours of research including articles, videos and studies, I decided I am very happy with my place right here on mother earth, I think you would agree with me if you keep on reading.

Gravity on earth stabilizes loads of bodily functions, and since space is a state of no gravity (weightlessness) –like swimming in a pool – the body can’t perform in the same manner.

Astronauts experience a lot of conditions, which are much less common on earth. The main culprit for those would be weightlessness. These conditions include:

  1. Space adaptation syndrome: a condition experienced by around half of space…

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Relax, Lay down and take your mind on a trip

For as long as I remember, I have been a really musical person, Interested in all types of music. In the last couple of years I stumbled upon Binaural beats/tones (literally Stumbled upon it using For those of the readers who don’t know what binaural beats are, they are basically a form of brain entertainment which uses two separate sound cues in an attempt to entertain the brain. Different sound frequencies to each ear cause the effects given by binaural beats. For more details, this might be helpful

The feature that took grasp of my interest the most is the ability of binaural beats to induce lucid dreaming/out-of-body experiences. A lucid dream is a state where the dreamer recognizes the face that he/she is dreaming and has more/full control of the dream. Other out-of-body experiences like astral projection can be induced through binaural beats. Astral projection is based assumes the existence of an astral/spiritual body that is separated from the physical body and is capable of traveling outside it. More details about Lucid dreaming and astral projection can be found in the following sites ,

Although lot of skepticism might be given towards the previous theories, some studies have been done to explore the effects of binaural beats on the brain. Most of the studies do prove that they have sufficient effects on the brain. It also has been an interest when it comes to sound therapy.